Counting Down


A couple weeks ago we bought one way plane tickets to Cape Town. We leave September 6th, and our official countdown has begun. As a family we decided to make a paper chain to mark the number of days to go and the kids have loved tearing off one chain each night before bed.

We made our chain out of the 6 colors of the SA flag: red, yellow, blue, green, black and white. In an attempt to make our chain-making time meaningful we had a small history lesson as we put it together: What do the colors of the flag represent? Note to our SA friends-we found this information online so I’m hoping it’s mostly accurate. But if not, we’d love to know how to correct our facts.


Red: Blood shed. We started here because this is Avery’s favorite color and of course it was a bit of a difficult topic to talk about with our young ones. But, we touched on it briefly and it allowed us to talk about Jesus and His sacrifice for us (this kind of blood they have heard about many times before.)

Yellow: SA’s natural resources, especially gold. This is Zeke’s favorite color so of course it was next. Now the kids are hoping we’ll find gold when we move!

Blue: The sky and ocean. We’re looking forward to seeing both of these!

Green: Farmland and the rich, natural environment of the country. 

Black: The black people of SA. Both older kids hoped the black and the white represented penguins. Seems reasonable to me.

White: The white people of SA. Avery thinks that they will have to add pink to the flag once we move because Mommy and Daddy’s skin is pink…hehe!



46 paper chains to tear before we move. That’s 46 more days to organize, pack, visit with friends, fundraise, and store up memories. I have a sneaky suspicion that those 46 days are going to fly by.


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