You got Kneezled…who are we?

Hi there! We are the Kneezle (pronounced like the ‘knee’ on your leg) family from Aurora, Colorado. There are 5 of us-Kenny and Carla, and our 3 children Avery (10), Zeke (8) and Cassidy (7). In September of 2015 we moved to Cape Town, South Africa to serve alongside an amazing nonprofit called Living Hope ( We love Jesus, we desire to love and serve others, and we are doing what we can to teach our children to live in that love. Our family is pretty boring by most standards and we love our home and our routine so this is all a bit out of our comfort zone. And yet, we know that God has called us to go, and we are excited to walk with Him in obedience. Thanks for visiting our blog and for sharing in our journey!


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