Our last couple months in pictures

I realize that some of you who visit this blog are not on Facebook (all 2 of you ;)), and I don’t always post everything there anyway, SO I thought maybe this would be a good time to catch you up on what’s been happening in our world since the beginning of May.

Living Hope Children’s Club in Masiphumelele.


Zeke’s class took a field trip to Imhoff’s Farm and got to feed and hold bunnies. Cassidy tagged along for the fun :).


Mother’s Day.


All 3 kids are in swim lessons now. They have learned so much in the last 8 weeks and we are confident that they will be ready when summer comes.

Mother’s Day lunch with the Moms and Tots group from Masi and Ocean View. This group of women graduated from the program on June 10th.

Walk-a-thon to raise money for the kids’ school. Avery ran/walked 19 laps, Cassidy did 4, and Zeke did 29! A quiet competitiveness came out of our boy that day…while the majority of his peers were playing and having snack/rest time, he kept running and running until we eventually ended the event and told him he had to stop. It was pretty fun to watch!


Parent day at Avery’s school. We got to shadow her for the day and we had so much fun being a part of her world! IMG_0476

Parent day for Zeke! We are very proud of how well he’s doing in the Dolphin class!


Visiting Gram and Pop at Beachside church in Kommetjie.


We found this guy in the bathroom. The kids saved him and released him (after he ate dinner with us that night…eek!). All I wanted to do was scream, run and hide!


A cold, rainy Father’s Day. Winter has arrived in Cape Town. Happy summer to those of you in warmer places! Blessings and hugs from our family to yours.


4 thoughts on “Our last couple months in pictures

  1. I LOVE this and it warms my heart seeing your family do amazing things. We miss you guys and think of your often. Sending our love from the CO sunshine ☀️

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  2. Hi Carla! I’m one of those not on Facebook so to see these pictures is a real treat. Your kids are just the cutest AND brave! I don’t think I’d sleep again if I found that size of creature in my home. Love your Mother’s Day and Father’s Day pictures, too. Thank you for sharing. You and your family are amazing.


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