Blog Shmog

Warning: if you are on the fence about reading and investing in this blog, skip this post. I just may be able to talk you out of it.

When Kenny first told me he thought we were supposed to move back to Cape Town I was filled with all sorts of emotions (You want me to take our THREE young children where!? Do you remember how long those plane flights are!?) More on those emotions, and how God is changing my heart later.

But truth be told one of my biggest drudgeries in this possibility was that we would have to start blogging/writing newsletters again. The blogs that I visit are full of profound thoughts, vulnerability, wit and humor. And I feel like I am not any of those things. Some of my most profound thoughts during the week are about Curious George, mac n cheese, and how to power through baths. And humor? Not so much.

I even made Kenny promise to do all of our writing so that I wouldn’t have to. But God keeps nudging me to put myself out there. To step out and write. So I am.

As a missionary family it’s important for us to be open and accountable to the people who support us. We are in a place of major interdependence moving forward. We need you. And our hope in this is that you too need us in some small way. That what we are called to do in South Africa will impact your lives as well as ours. So we commit to sharing our story with you. We are in this together.

May this be a place of honesty, truth and encouragement. May God be glorified in our inadequacies. And may His kingdom come.


One thought on “Blog Shmog

  1. All I know is that I love you Carla, and if God is calling you to SA, then you must follow Him! He will protect you if you obey. Enjoy and rejoice always!


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